The HeyHuman Podcast ep 6: Emily Brooke MBE, partner at Revent and Co-Founder at Beryl

Nov 18, 2021

By Lauren DeKlerk






As the world returns to IRL and we return to WFH/WFO, we’re delighted to be back with the second series of The HeyHuman Podcast! We’ve been catching up with some industry friends and all-round brilliant humans to discuss  life after lockdowns, electric scooters, falling in love, walking over a thousand miles across Africa and as ever, behaviour-changing ideas.

To kick off our first episode of the new series, Neil meets Emily Brooke MBE, the brains behind the ‘Boris Bike’ lights and much more. Neil and Emily look into her light bulb (or laser beam bulb) moment that helped tackle the problem of cyclist safety to produce one of the most iconic symbols in transport – the Beryl Laserlight.

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