The HeyHuman Podcast ep 12: Will Best of Bloody Drinks

Apr 14, 2022

By HeyHuman

A Bloody Mary in a can?! Sounds like a bloody match made in heaven.

This week on Behaviour Changing Ideas podcast Neil is joined by Bloody Mary enthusiast Will Best, who’s idea behind Bloody Drinks started with his and his mate’s frustration that you can never find a decent Bloody Mary in a pub.

Neil and Will discuss the many more elements that go into a good Bloody Mary than your standard Pornstar Martini, the difficulties and challenges of working on a start-up, and how an investor defrauding the Danish Government led him to co-found Bloody Drinks.

The canned drinks market is constantly growing in popularity, and Will spent over 2 years ensuring his Bloody Mary was the best out there. Bloody Drinks are now available at many top supermarkets, have won the Great Taste Award 2021 and proved that a Bloody Mary is suitable at any time of the day, and anywhere on the go.

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