The HeyHuman Podcast ep 11: Oliver Steeds of Nekton Foundation

Mar 15, 2022

By HeyHuman

10 years. That’s how long Oliver Steeds thinks we have left to halt the irreversible damage to our oceans.

Speaking with Oliver, Chief Executive and Mission Director for Nekton Foundation, our CEO Neil learnt how changing our perception of what is “free” and the power of scarcity might just hold the answer to saving the planet.

Are the solutions staring us right in the face? What more we could all be doing if the pace of political change is so worryingly slow? Does it start with smaller, individual behaviour changes? Should we all be going for a trip to the seaside?!

At times, it’s unclear who is interviewing who…

The latest episode of our Behaviour Changing Ideas podcast is essential listening. Scary, provocative, and inspiring. (Oliver is also great company.)

Oliver is a critically acclaimed investigative journalist and broadcaster. His films, reports and series have been broadcast by NBC, ABC, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 and Discovery Channels.