SlimFast meets Spotify – How we increased brand salience in our #ICanJan campaign.

Fronted by the SlimFast UK brand ambassador, Kelly Brook, #ICanJan was rolled out across TV, radio, VOD and social. 

Mar 10, 2020

By Abigail Mayhew

With the January market saturated in ‘new year, new me’ messaging, our #ICanJan campaign with SlimFast UK created a simple, doable event that motivated people to achieve their weight-loss goals.

With the campaign in its second year we were looking for new ways to keep SlimFast top of mind for our audience throughout January. Cue #ICanJan X Kelly Brook on Spotify. In a category first, we launched a motivational playlist on the world’s biggest streaming platform. Whilst Spotify is not a channel included in many brand’s social media plans, with 217 million monthly active users, 44% listening on a daily basis, and a brand ambassador who advocates music as her motivation to exercise we wanted to test it. 

Studies show the importance of choosing the right music to work-out to as it has the ability to reduce perceived exertion by 10 percent. With this in mind, brand ambassador and Heart FM DJ Kelly Brook, selected 35 tracks that aimed to inspire the SlimFast UK audience to get active and achieve their goals. 

Through promotions on both SlimFast and Kelly Brook’s social channels we drove over 800 people to the playlist, with Instagram the top referrer. Our #ICanJan Spotify playlist successfully built excitement for the campaign and increased the salience of SlimFast UK in a crowded January market. 

With SlimFast UK’s positioning as a brand that can provide support and inspire change throughout your weight-loss journey, another motivational Spotify playlist may well just be on the horizon…

You can read more about the campaign here.