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After a presentation and encore presentation this year we have decided to submit not two but three proposals for next year!

Jan 6, 2020

By admin

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The neuroscience of game advertising: How to Win.

With each new update and release, games publishers are under pressure to maintain maximum hype. Highly polished cinematic and live-action content builds an elaborate world; however, this rarely translates to reality when it comes to actual game-play. Neuroscience research shows that when something exceeds our expectations, we experience positive reward in the brain. However, when our expectations are unmet, the opposite is true. Does the unmet expectation of actual game-play after exposure to a highly polished game advert adversely affect behavior? Where is your money best spent? HeyHuman will share their neuroscience research into the effectiveness of various types of game adverts, providing insight into how best to motivate future players and drive conversion.


  • How your brain responds to game adverts?
  • How neuroscience can predict the effectiveness of game adverts?
  • How to create game adverts to engage audiences and drive conversion?

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Brain boost: How to transform creative thinking.

Imagine pressing a button to boost your creativity and the people around. This apparent science-fiction may soon become science-fact as brain-zapping headsets enter the market. Recent advancements in neuroscience research have been unraveling the individual mechanisms behind creative thought, giving us a clearer understanding of how to facilitate our most creative ideas. Combining learnings from neuroscience and the arts, HeyHuman guide you on a journey inside the brain, equipping you with tools and resources to challenge your current ways of thinking and cultivate personal and organizational creativity.


  • The brain mechanisms behind creative thought.
  • The external factors that help and hinder creativity.
  • Cognitive strategies to unleash personal and organizational creativity.

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Neurocreativity and business growth.

As the speed and intensity of competition increases, business creativity is the difference between thriving and just surviving. It’s proven that more creative businesses outperform the rest, but how do you inject that creativity into your business? Neuroscience has made significant advancements in understanding how creativity works in our brains and how we can make it easier for everyone in a business to tap into the creativity that sparks growth. Combining learnings from neuroscience and transforming their own agency business, HeyHuman share their learnings with immediate actions that you can take back to your business to trigger growth through creativity.


  • How creativity works in the brain.
  • How business creativity can transform growth.
  • How to apply these learnings to your business.

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