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Creating a unique sensory experience to amplify the brand.

The challenge

How do you engage drinkers in a fast-moving environment driven by new challenger brands and new liquids, and where Guinness is seen as part of the old-fashioned drinks behaviours and choices?

Our people-first strategy

Through neuroscience-based insight and research on the interplay between the senses we knew how altering one sensory aspect (such as sound) can dramatically alter the perception of flavour.

So, we invited people to open-up their senses to the often-forgotten unique sensory stimulation that Guinness Foreign Extra Stout offers.

Our creative idea

The Flavour Rooms

A multi-sensory playground where people can explore the multi-dimensional flavours of Guinness, engage with parallel experiences and share and amplify the sensory revelations they had with Guinness. Four spaces to bring to life the four senses in a unique space in Lagos, Nigeria

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