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Tapping into sensory sampling & neuroscience to launch NPD successfully.

The challenge

How do you become part of the evening ‘me-time’ moment when behaviours are so established?

Our people-first strategy

Using our behavioural approach, we identified the key comparison as ‘me-time’ treats like wine or snacks you have in the evening. These are so established that we believed that only sensory sampling would convince people to take the ‘risk’ of trying something new. We used neuroscience testing to test the difference this approach made to purchase motivation.

Our creative idea

Velvet Fruit Moment

Create cosy corners and an indulgent moment in our tasting chair in the midst of train stations and shopping centres, all captured with a cinemagraph.

150 K

Samples delivered

125 K

People reached through social sharing

1.2 M

Opportunity to see


Increased purchase motivation versus standard sampling approaches

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