HFSS advertising – a roadmap beyond 2022

We are entering a period of unprecedented change. Are you restriction ready?

HFSS has to be top of the list for all FMCG brands, whether they fall under the new legislation or not. Brands and retailers must start to co-collaborate and co-create, rethinking the way they approach the shopper journey and re-assessing how they engage with people across every touchpoint in order to connect and be visible in an increasingly dispersed world.

‘In times of restriction, creativity shines.’

We’ve been helping clients adapt for the changes HFSS will bring- from strategy and creative through to compliant activations, neuroscience-based research, optimisation and measurement.

We use a people-first approach and our understanding of ‘relationships, behaviours and brains’ to create effective communications and business solutions that deliver hard-to-find competitive advantages.

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