HeyLab unlocks neuroscience insights and research tools for our clients to help make smarter decisions about strategies, positioning ideas and content.

We specialise
in 'why?'

We have embraced advances in neuroscience to change how we test, in order to give us and our clients more accurate, more useful and more human insights.

Using tools such as implicit testing and EEG, we help brands around the world understand how connective and effective their strategies and communications are and why.

Our HeyLab Tools

  • We use EEG to monitor human emotion, thought and behaviour to unlock unfiltered, unbiased insight: from cognitive load to memorability, right down to purchase intent.

  • We know that campaigns with behaviour change as a hard target are more effective, so we use our in-depth understanding of behavioural ecomomics to focus our creative solutions.

  • Data might not seem all that human, but our unique data infrastructure, methodology and machine learning lets us uncover statistically significant people first insights for any project.