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“HeyHuman bring style AND substance, demonstrating a very open, structured, collaborative and market-leading approach.”

The Independent

“We value them as a strategic extension to our core team. HeyHuman’s strengths lie in their understanding of the category, our core audience and how their emotional and functional minds work. Our work together has resulted in creating successful communication that is relevant and salient for our core target and has contributed to the growth of SlimFast brand.”


“Their creative vision allowed us to elevate Heath & Heather beyond just ‘another wellness drink’ to a lifestyle brand with cause and purpose, as well as providing a whole new relevance to our target audience.

Heath & Heather

“HeyHuman’s model allows them to be more agile, more collaborative and future focused. Their rigorous and unique planning processes has inspired breakthrough creative work on Guinness.”


“HeyHuman have proven time and time again their abilities to deliver above and beyond - strategically and creatively.”


Our ideas in action

Sony Mobile
Passenger Race

Heath & Heather
Me To The Power Of Tea

Golden Oreos
Making the Mundane Magical

The Independent

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We are experts in behavioural change.

We’re smart and agile – from innovative research to in-house content creation.

We have developed global and local capabilities.

We create cost-effective content with no compromise on quality.

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