People first isn't just something we say

It’s our ethos. It shapes how we approach every aspect of every project, every creative decision, every strategic insight.

But not only that, we put humanity at the heart of everything else we do too, from our employee benefits, agency culture and values to our work on inclusivity and representation in production.

Our Values


An honest, ambitious and collaborative effort.


A positive and present perspective.


Creative courage, passionate voices and empathetic actions.


Supportive attitude to inspire others to be their truest and best selves.

Our Humans

  • Anthea Knight

    Account Director

  • Lucy France

    Business Partner

  • Rufus Reeve

    Business Partner

  • Alex Kemp

    Data Analyst

  • Danielle Bruce

    Senior Account Manager

  • Greg Conlon

    Finance Partner

  • Liz Brown

    Creative Director

  • Helena Eades

    Junior Creative

  • Susan Charles

    Finance Manager

  • Shnoosee Bailey

    ECD & Partner

  • Neil Davidson

    CEO & Partner

  • Cameron Black

    Senior Copywriter

  • Nisha Elliott

    Staffing Manager

  • Jossy Pilgrim

    Planning Partner

  • Nick Frearson

    Retail Associate Creative Director

  • Robin Lyons

    Associate Creative Director

  • Liam Nicholson

    Senior Art Director

  • Natalie Tyquin


  • Liz Richardson

    Managing Director & Partner

  • Mick Hodgins

    Senior Artworker

  • Anton Burmistrov

    Design Director

  • James Ronan

    Motion Designer

  • Kirsten Frost

    Group Account Director

  • Aimee Thomas

    Account Manager

  • Yasmin Cole

    Senior Account Director

  • With their forward-thinking approach embedded within our own model of marketing they have shown themselves as an agency defining their own lane.
  • HeyHuman are quite uniquely placed because of their intuitive understanding and appreciation of next generation marketing and their through-the-line expertise.
  • The team at HeyHuman have shown that the agency landscape needs to change, and they are one of the few agencies trying to find more effective ways of developing comms.
  • HeyHuman have really taken our brief to heart, unleashing tremendous creativity and organising power in the process. We have come to trust them as allies, advisors and an active part of our mission in their own right.
  • HeyHuman are an absolute pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a best-in-class agency.
    UK Advertising Association
  • HeyHuman has found a way to translate often alien topics and knowledge into actionable and clearly transformative working methods.
    Business Transformation Agency of the Year
    The Drum