The People First

Nobody knows people better than us. Our remarkable ideas, super-charged by our knowledge of behaviour and brains, create real connections between people and brands.

We create
Everyday ideas

We know what makes people’s brains light up: ideas that blend the familiar with the unexpected. And when brains light up, brands can create a magic connection with people. One that sticks. In people’s minds and in culture too.

We believe in
the power of
human brands

Human Brands understand what people really want so they can be more effective, meaningful and create positive change in the world. We help brands unlock that understanding through our knowledge of relationships, behaviours and brains.


Human Brands make more meaningful connections by understanding how they really fit into people’s lives.


Human Brands create more effective ideas by focussing on who their audience are and what specific behaviour they want to change.


Human Brands know what makes people’s brains light up, testing their content using neuroscience to see if it’s effective and memorable.

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