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We believe in Human Brands

Human Brands know how to listen, keep things simple, talk clearly and constantly adapt. They understand their place in our 14 brand relationships and know what it means for them.

Brand meaning and activation go hand in hand. They must work together so that activation is both agile and connects with people.

Human Brands

Developing 4 key human behaviours (listening, simplifying, being clear & adapting) allows a brand to connect with people. They give people the relationships they need today, whether deep & meaningful, or speedy & functional.

Agile Activation

The best and most effective activations are agile and responsive, whilst still keeping true brand meaning and connection at their heart. They reinforce the essence of a Human Brand and build on it.

We create Unusual
Everyday® ideas

Balancing the unusual and the everyday is the best way to connect with people. We use our understanding of how our brains connect with the world to inspire transformative thinking and effective ideas.

Our ideas in action

Guinness Africa
Night Football

Heath & Heather
Me To The Power Of Tea

Sony Xperia
Passenger race

Our clients

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“HeyHuman has found a way to translate often alien topics and knowledge into actionable and clearly transformative working methods."

Business Transformation Agency of the Year, The Drum

”HeyHuman are an absolute pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a best-in-class agency.”

UK Advertising Association

“HeyHuman have really taken our brief to heart, unleashing tremendous creativity and organising power in the process. We have come to trust them as allies, advisors and an active part of our mission in their own right.”


"The team at HeyHuman have shown that the agency landscape needs to change, and they are one of the few agencies trying to find more effective ways of developing comms.”


“HeyHuman are quite uniquely placed because of their intuitive understanding and appreciation of next generation marketing and their through-the-line expertise.’’


“With their forward-thinking approach embedded within our own model of marketing they have shown themselves as an agency defining their own lane.”


What makes us different

We are experts in behavioural change.

We’re smart and agile – from innovative research to in-house content creation.

We have developed global and local capabilities.

We create cost-effective content with no compromise on quality.

Thought leadership

Creativity in the time of COVID – how do businesses nurture creativity?

Creativity in the time of COVID – how do businesses nurture creativity?

I once had a boss who often said to me that she was too busy to be creative. The loss to the world of advertising was that if she wasn’t so busy managing accounts and clients she would be a creative genius.  Even as a green but keen graduate I found it a slightly ridiculous statement. However, years later, particularly after the last two years, I wonder whether she said something profound without even realising it.  

What can marketers learn from the John Major of retail?

What can marketers learn from the John Major of retail?

We’ve all been in workshops where we are asked to think of a brand we take inspiration from as marketers. Apple, Tesla and Red Bull are three of the ever presents in this list, and the choices don’t really change, wherever the workshop and whatever the sector. I have...

HFSS and FMCG – it’s time to eat your greens

HFSS and FMCG – it’s time to eat your greens

We held a real-life event for the first time in two years this week. On an unseasonably warm Tuesday morning we brought together an animated group of FMCG marketers to talk about HFSS, particularly how to tackle the impending changes.


Our specialisms

Brand & Content
Experiential & Sampling
Digital & Social
Retail & E-commerce

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