Strengthening the link between brand and provenance

Infused with Italy



From a "Casual Acquaintance" to "Committed Partnership"


Get Trendy Urban Contemporaries to request Peroni over other beers.


Peroni does not come across as authentically Italian.


Sagra - A celebration of Italian food and flavours in their raw form.

Infused with Italy

We believe in creating influencer campaigns with a difference, that’s why Peroni chose HeyHuman to lead on their latest social campaign.

We took a team of world class bartenders and three influential social creatives on an inspiring trip to Northwest Italy where they were challenged to take Italian citrus fruits and translate them into bespoke Peroni-infused cocktails.

The line-up of guest bartenders were coupled with the founder of florist Grace & Thorn, fragrance specialists from Earl of East London and illustrator, George Greaves. These innovative partnerships were designed to push the boundaries of traditional mixology, fusing scent, sight and taste to create something truly unique for Peroni’s audience. The social media campaign supporting this ranged from video to canvas, each piece of creative charting each journey of creation as our teams discovered the provenance and authenticity of Peroni’s Italy.

The campaign has only just launched but the response so far has been brilliant! Check back soon for more updates.


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