ADDLESTONES – Free Range Cider



The Key Behaviour – Get cider drinkers to see Addlestones’ cloudy natural finish as a positive, and establish it as a premium cider of choice.

The Key Barrier – Consumers wrongly perceived a cloudy, unfiltered cider to have
a challenging and heavy rather than sharp taste.

The Key Comparison – Free-range eggs. In a world where people tend to use shortcuts such as ’organic’ and ’gluten-free’ to stand in for naturalness, ’free range’
is well understood and has real meaning.

The Creative Idea – Branding Addlestones as ’Free Range Cider’ acted as a simple verbal and visual shortcut to a world people already know, appreciate and, as with eggs, feel is worth paying a bit more for.

We were able to build our campaign around the imagery of that world – from the look of egg-crates and selling Addlestones by the dozen to hoardings with organically grown moss!

The Results – The business was turned around, from significant annual losses against a general decline in cider sales, into real growth. Owner Shepton Mallet Cider Mill had employed us planning to sell Addlestones; it was able to do so to Magners, as a growing brand ahead of its competitors.