GUINNESS – Every Minute Made of Black



The Key Behaviour – Get people in bars to choose Guinness as their first drink for an enhanced match-day TV viewing experience, as part of the brand’s sponsorship of the English Premier League in Africa.


The Key Barrier – Guinness isn’t an easy session drink for matches, unlike lager, so it can also be an individual choice in a group occasion.

The Key Comparison – The predictions and banter about match-day outcomes that make the 90 minutes themselves even more intense for true football fans. 


The Creative Idea – Guinness amplified every explosive minute of the English Premier League for African supporters, by giving them a stake in the game.

Under each individual Guinness bottle crown was an individual minute to text. If a goal was scored in your minute, you were guaranteed a prize.


The Results – As hoped, the aims of the campaign have been realised: turning EPL sponsorship associations into consumption during matches, connecting with Generation Y in Africa, and incremental sales overall.

• More than 3.35 million mobile entries across Nigeria
17% growth in volume over the 2015/16 EPL season
• More than 1.3 million people have been rewarded
• Absolute volume uplift of 89,000 Hcl (vs. planned 62,000 Hcl)
• 43% sales net volume uplift vs. 2015

Guinness remains the brand most associated with football in Nigeria (despite heavy spending by rival lager brands), and the campaign has been so successful that planning is well under way for a sequel, for the 2016/17 EPL season.