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We are excited to be pitching again to speak at SXSW in 2019 – the worlds leading tech and innovation conference, held in Austin, Texas. Two proposals have been shared, and we would look to do a live (eek!) on-stage neuroscience experiment.

Our MD Neil Davidson and Head of Neuroscience, Aoife McGuinness will be looking to blend together the worlds of creativity and science in these two proposals. Check them out below and if you like what you read, vote for us by creating an account here.

Advertising Detox: How to Reduce Cognitive Load

Is there an attentional cost of a Facebook notification? How does the presence of your smartphone reduce your available cognitive capacity? What is advertising and other content really doing to our brains and should we be worried?

In a live on-stage experiment, HeyHuman will demonstrate the cognitive effects of different forms of advertising and content through brain-monitoring equipment, good and bad.

We will share our neuroscience research insight and how it can change the relationships between brands and people – creating effective content that stimulates rather than drains our brains.

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Cognitive Conflict: The Real Secret to Creativity

What makes content stick in our memory? How do we define creativity? Although conflict generally has negative connotations, when it comes to advertising, neuroscience research suggests that this doesn’t have to apply.

Bringing together the world of science and advertising, HeyHuman will present the latest research from the Multi-Sensory Research Group at UPF Barcelona, revealing the neural correlates of creative effectiveness and how brain activity can predict great creative work.

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Abigail Mayhew
Abigail Mayhew

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