General Election 2017: Leaders in Adland react to the shock result

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The result of Theresa May’s snap General Election has left the UK in a state of uncertainty with the vote ushering in a hung parliament.

With commentators suggesting it’s increasingly likely that the Conservatives will either strike up a coalition between with the DUP or operate on a “confidence and supply” arrangement, The Drum canvassed immediate reaction from industry luminaries.

Neil Davidson, Managing Director and Partner at HeyHuman and former senior information officer at the Department of Health shares his thoughts on the result with The Drum.

“My immediate reaction after another turbulent evening is let’s get going again. It would have been whatever the final result.

In my years in business as well as in government I’ve learned that we obsess over the implications of an election result, rather than the big stuff that doesn’t go away.

Most elections have not affected economic growth, apart from some notable exceptions in the 70s – the UK economy has usually still grown one year after an election.

My advice is to tackle the direct implications for your industry, business and employees, but the big stuff to fix will mostly still be the same big stuff, whatever the government.

Brexit (with a potential delay in the process) is still coming and businesses must adapt. Agencies need to focus on change and improving their agility, to take a more international perspective and to seek increasingly diverse talent. By doing this we’ll be focusing on the big stuff, whatever the final outcome and in spite of the limbo we find ourselves in this morning.”

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Neil Davidson
Neil Davidson

Managing Director and secret beekeeper

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