We’re driven by a fascination for what makes humans tick; what makes us behave the way we do; what turns our heads and stops us in our tracks.

The rate at which the world around us develops is exhilarating and we recognise that the relationships between people and brands have changed dramatically as a result of huge leaps in social, digital and technology.

With the battle for connection more challenging than ever, our content needs to be more connective than ever to be relevant. We use neuroscience tools and principles to help us achieve this and produce what we like to call “Brain-Friendly Content’’.

Human behaviours inspire the way we think, work and bring ideas to life.


The consumer journey and the roles of different channels are central to our thinking. We don’t try and deliver against all possible integrated specialisms but instead focus on the areas in which we are specialists.

As the social, digital and technological landscape has evolved at pace, the consumer journey has become more important than ever. Every element of it requires the right expertise to unlock potential triggers and opportunities for brands to connect.

Our integrated understanding means that we can operate as lead agency or roster agency with different clients.  Whatever our role, we always put the consumer journey and the roles of different channels at heart of what we do.


The relationships between people and brands have changed. We unpick these new relationships to deliver strategies and content that builds stronger, meaningful connections between these two worlds.


Whether it’s designed for broadcast, social or experiential we develop content based on our neuroscience principles that makes sure it’s brain-friendly.


Thumb-stopping content is a result of sound social strategy. We’re specialists in turning intensive social listening and analysis into relevant, reactive brain-friendly creative


We create Human Brand experiences and amplify them through mobile, data and social media. Using a unique range of data planning tools, we make sure every event is tailored to its intended audience.


Human Brands understand that the relationship between people and brands has changed and therefore think and behave differently. Our approach is focused on being MindKind™ to connect with people by establishing new relationships, prompting different behaviours and creating content that is brain-friendly.


Only by really understanding the relationships that exist between people and brands can we look to make them stronger and more meaningful.

Through conducting real-world research we have identified 14 new brand relationships. We use these to pinpoint the current relationship status between a brand and its audience and highlight future opportunities based on the kind of relationship people want with that brand.


We focus on influencing behaviours rather than perceptions, as we believe doing so best serves a brand’s marketing and business objectives.

Behaviours can influence perceptions but it doesn’t always work the other way around; so we focus on the question, ‘What is the behaviour we want to change?’ to get to the most effective strategic and creative answers.

We start every brief with a 90 minute 3 Questions Workshop in which we consider barriers, comparisons and ideas with clients, accounts, planning and creative all involved.


In a world where people are grappling with cognitive overload our communications need to be as connective and effective as possible to cut through.

Working with neuroscience experts and clients we’ve established a ‘3 Rs’ framework that we use to make brands recognised, resonant and relevant.

Using neuroscience tools and learnings, we are able to measure the effectiveness of the ‘Brain-Friendly Content’ we produce.


From globally iconic brands like Guinness, to home-grown brands like Heath & Heather, they all share our enthusiasm for putting people first and building successful Human Brands.

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