About Us

HeyHuman is an integrated agency with a people-first approach.

Our starting point is helping our clients to address a behaviour change by reimagining how people experience brands through:

Brand Content Shopper Social Experiential

As an agency, we’ve invested a lot of time in studying and understanding people; enough to know that what they say they do and what they actually do can be two very different things.

We’ve learnt that people have at least 14 different types of relationships with brands. We understand the dynamics of those relationships, developing thinking and ideas for brands that tap into the kind of relationships people actually want.

But the really interesting part comes when you join up our behavioural thinking with the work we’ve done in neuroscience…

We’ve been studying the human brain extensively and know that, in this new multi-screen, multiple-messaging world, the creative rules for getting brand messages to stick have changed.

With an abundance of messaging but a poverty of attention, brands have to adopt new creative techniques to ensure cut-through.

In our view, it’s only when you join up behaviours in the context of the Digital Age that you can truly become a human brand.

At HeyHuman, we know the new rules for brand relationships, behaviours and creative cut-through.

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