HeyHuman features in the 33 Most Creative Content Marketing Agencies

We’re chuffed to have been featured in the top 33 Most Creative Content Marketing Agencies globally from the team at NewsCred.

“HeyHuman (London) – The name is a fitting one: London’s HeyHuman puts us, you know, humans, at the heart of the content and campaigns they produce for clients. Big clients.

Hey Human’s agency rolodex can boast the likes of giants like Sony, Unilever, and Morrisons grocery stores, a UK staple. Their work for Sony Mobile, in which they centered consumer-brand interactions around the Japanese concept of “kando,” “moments that move people emotionally,” is one instance of the agency getting a huge company to act like a person with its audience.

Their three-pronged approach to humanized behavior is at the heart of their agency model.

For clients who are looking for a marriage of consumer psychology and tech, HeyHuman is the place to look.”