Sharing our Secrets of Success for Financial Services with CreativeBrief



How can brands retain a human touch in the endless drive towards frictionless automation?

Based on two years of research, Hey Human analysed how the major shifts in digital, social and mobile have impacted our relationship with brands, and what this means for the Financial Services sector.

We recently shared our insight with CreativeBrief on the success of brands like Apple, Amazon and Uber, and how they are forging new relationship by helping to keep people in the flow of their lives.

Speakers included:

Neil Davidson: Managing Director and Partner, HeyHuman
Dan Machen: Director of Innovation, HeyHuman

Key take outs:

Keep the human in your brand – Always put people first. Find an authentic way to connect that will help people to live their lives more easily.

Keep the human in the machine – In some cases automation is negatively affecting the connection financial services have with their customers. Brands should look for tech solutions with a more human touch, for example. First Direct’s voice ID security service.

Build a service for existing customer behaviour – To build a genuinely useful service, brands must ensure their offer fits with existing customer behaviour. This means maximising shallow or fleeting interactions.

Make communications ‘brain-friendly’ – HeyHuman research has shown that an overload of multi-channel activity impacts on our attention, emotional engagement and memory. It also creates an opportunity for brands to build shortcuts that can help us to communicate.

Build ‘connective friction’ into brand experiences – Sometimes automation is not the right answer. AirBnB took away their automated service, which was arguably quicker and putting real people in touch. By asking guests and hosts to connect they enriched the overall brand experience.