Generation Impatient @ Adweek: The Battle For Brands

HeyHuman knows what it means for brands for brands to be ‘human’. To become brands that people want to embrace and that will, ultimately, make people’s lives better.

At Advertising Week Europe, we will share new research that demonstrates how dwindling attention and increasingly impatient customers redefines the window of opportunity for brand communications.

We will reveal the challenges to Financial Service brand relationships – often seen as ‘enslavements’ – and suggest evolved behaviours that can offer new solutions.

Share the secrets of brands getting it right and avoid the significant pitfalls of getting it wrong.

Learn how brands can strike the right balance between man vs. machine, and what kinds of brand relationships will dominate FS in the digital age.
Hope to see you at Adweek or, if you are unable to join us, please contact us for presentation at your offices.