Day One at SXSW

HeyHuman’s Director of Innovation, Dan Machen, is currently heading up our presence at this year’s South By Southwest, the world’s greatest showcase of
new technology and new thinking.

SXSW, which is held annually in Austin, Texas, USA, attracts the great and the good from the world of innovation. Here’s a taster of what Dan has to say about Day One – when the opening keynote speaker was none other than President Barack Obama – as published by our friends at the IPA.

Marketing Mindset: The Road to Promise or Perdition?

“It feels like we have moved on… from whether we should or shouldn’t lean so heavily on technology. We have now accepted the inevitability of the onward march of our relationship with [it],” says Dan.

“The key question now is no longer ‘should we or shouldn’t we technologise?’. The focus of attention is how we apply technology moving forward. This was the key take-out I’d highlight across three great talks today:

Big Data and AI: Sci-fi Vs. Everyday Applications
“A panel session on the application of big data to fuel Artificial Intelligence and the realistic vision of how this will impact humanity.

“The pivotal insight… was AI’s potential role in education. [But a] symbiotic approach was seen to be the key opportunity… it was very clear we must shoulder… responsibility for the development of AI in future. [For example] it is imperative that ’We teach the AI’ how to behave… ”

Transforming the Future: Advertising and the IoT Era 
“[A talk by] Brian Wong, CEO of Kiip – a mobile rewards platform that incentivises people based on their behaviour in the moment…

“[He] discussed the role marketing will take in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. While breaking this down by strategy, not screens, Brian introduced ’connected moments’… instances when brands can add value across connected devices in our houses, cars and on our bodies… ”

Present Tense: The First Now-Centric Civilisation 
“There are moments at SXSW that are like someone throwing a hand grenade into your mind… in a scintillating talk, Nova Spivack, CEO of real-time consultancy Bottlenose, highlighted that we are for the first time living in a culture obsessed with NOW and Nowism.

“Spivack [defines] three ages of civilisation: The Agricultural Age – defined by expectations based on what had gone before… last year / last season… The Industrial Age – defined by expectations for the future… [and now] The Information Age – defined by expectations of instant gratification and increased tech-based personalisation… ”

Read Dan’s full article here.