Poetry in Moments for Sony

For our latest work for Sony Mobile, we decided to bring a little poetry into the lives of Xperia™ handset users and fitness buffs. And to help us reach out to them, we got great British Olympians Alistair and Jonny, the Brownlee brothers, to front the campaign.

People are encouraged to submit a landscape photo taken on their phone to the #PoetryInMoments Facebook page. The idea is to get them to capture something truly stunning – when they are out on their morning run this January, for example – making full use of the Xperia™ Z5’s incredible abilities; it has the best camera available in a smartphone.

108716 OpenRoad_Twitter V2

We then get a poet to compose a few lines of verse to complement the beauty of the best submitted images – and send them back to their photographers with the poetry duly (and beautifully!) applied. Each time, a unique miniature work of art is thus created… and boy, have people gone for the idea! So far we’ve had more than a quarter of a million page views.

As well as a gorgeous artistic collaboration, people can also win some great Sony fitness tech – and just look at the amazing results of the competition! You can check out the campaign video featuring Alistair and Jonny (and a rather lovely poem, naturally) plus the latest photos submitted here.