When HeyHuman met Forbes

When Forbes’ Chief Insights Officer, Bruce Rogers, sat down with our own Helen Weisinger and Dan Machen, he wanted to know how HeyHuman is using neuroscience to develop arresting new creative to motivate consumers.

“We’ve spent a lot of our own money and time investing in understanding how people behave,” explained Helen. “Because what people say they do and what they actually do are often two different things… we’ve identified about 14 different relationships people have with brands. It might be an enslavement relationship… it might be a marriage of convenience.”

Dan explained how HeyHuman has been employing behavioural science and practical experimentation, in partnership with some of the foremost neuroscientists in the world – literally monitoring people’s brains while they are exposed to everyday ‘multitasking’ in the Digital Age, at the same time as branded communications

“I think it’s fascinating and kind of emblematic that the word ‘multitasking’ was originally a computer term,” said Dan. “Now, the issue with the human brain is that we’re not machines. We try and act like machines and, equally, we outsource our memory to machines – but the issue is it’s biological.

“The opportunity for the creative ad process is to absolutely recognise this and be armed with the knowledge that neurological tricks and tips can dramatically enhance ad impact… ”

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