SlimFast: New Business Win for HeyHuman

As has now been widely reported, the latest addition to the HeyHuman client list is SlimFast.

Under the headline SlimFast Readies UK Rebrand After Hiring HeyHuman,
The Drum reports that the American weight-loss market giant is rebranding globally and will be working with the agency to “mastermind the shift in the UK”, having chosen HeyHuman because of our innovative “behavioural science-led approach to marketing”.

The report goes on to explain: “A nationwide campaign to introduce the makeover will arrive later in the year alongside a revamped product range… HeyHuman joins New York-based independent agency Barker on the account. Both will work on SlimFast’s $50m global relaunch [which aims] to win over a whole new generation of drinkers.”

Lindsay Reisser-Weston, managing director for SlimFast, said: “HeyHuman’s behavioural approach was particularly impressive, especially how they translated this into an impactful winning creative idea which we are really excited about… we’re confident we’ve found the right agency partner to match this ambition.”

Our own Helen Weisinger said: “We’re very proud to be adding SlimFast to our growing client base and are very excited to be working with a fantastic client team. The weight-loss market has changed significantly over recent years, being more competitive than ever, and we were able to use our recent brand relationship research to help determine the opportunity for SlimFast and how to turn that into a meaningful dialogue.”

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