HeyHuman at Cannes Lions Innovation Festival

The battle between technology and human attention – in real-time, live on the Experience Stage…

At Cannes Lions Innovation, live on stage, we brought to life the neuroscience concept of ‘cognitive load’ and the challenges it poses for creativity. In the ‘economy of attention’, we asked if the demands of digital messaging are outstripping our cerebral supply?

To examine this question, we monitored and examined our research agents’ brains in real-time, live on stage, to show just what tech is doing to all our heads – by comparing their powers of comprehension in a focused state vs. when they were multi-screening.

Our aim was to give delegates an understanding of:

  • How tech impacts on attention, emotional engagement and brand recall
  • What opportunities exist to communicate via other, open channels into people’s brains
  • The right creative strategy for brands to use, to achieve cut-through going forward

We showed, once and for all, that technology doesn’t simply represent a new way of communicating – it requires us to communicate in new ways.

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Event took place:
12.35pm Friday 26th June 2015
Experience Stage
Cannes Lions Innovation
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